Capital Campaign

On December 3, 2017 we launched our 2-year Capital Campaign.  We are seeking to raise $275,000 by December 2019 for the purpose of doing significant capital repairs and improvements.  Prayerfully consider how you might contribute to this endeavor.  You can make a donation through this website, or on campus via the green envelopes in the narthex.

Phase 2: $90,000

Classroom 5 Rehab:

In the beginning of June, new flooring was installed in classroom 5. 

Classroom Air Conditioning Units:

At the end of May work began on upgrading and replacing the air conditioning units in the classrooms, nursery, sacristy office and fellowship hall. 

Phase 1: $60,000

Carpet Project:

House of Floors came February 7 to repair the carpet in the Sanctuary. The job took a little longer than anticipated, however they have done a very thorough job of removing the majority of ripples, which has been a trip hazard. 

On March 12, House of Floors came to professionally clean all the carpet in the sanctuary. 

Roof Project:

The first major Capital Campaign project was the Campus Roof Replacement. This project included all Holy Trinity campus roofs except the Discovery Center, Sanctuary, and the recently replaced flat awning roof.

Many portions of Holy Trinity campus roofs had shingles that had been in place for more than their expected life. Tabs were getting torn off. Spaces between tabs were thinning and shingles were buckling in places. Roofing materials adjacent to vents and other penetrations were loosening and failing. All of these issues allowed water to contact the plywood decking and in some cases structural roof members (e.g. rafters) and in some cases interior insulation and building interiors.

This was a large commercial roof project: 164.5 squares of shingles (16,450 square feet of roof).

The project began Tuesday Dec. 26. Old roofing material was torn off, damaged plywood decking was replaced, and all roof deck was re-nailed to meet Oct 2007 Hillsborough County codes. This means the roof's ability to survive a wind uplift increased from 103 PSF to 183 PSF resulting in a wind mitigation compliance certificate that has the potential to significantly decrease property insurance. HTLC Council members that deal with HTLC/HTLS insurance will contact our insurer and inquire about a rate reduction.

Cool dry weather combined with two full crews being assigned allowed the project to be successfully completed on Sunday Jan 31 which is 5 days earlier than promised and fully during HTLS vacation.